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Sling, Sway, Song. Repeat

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

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So if Jasper ever does sleep, how does he get there?

First, the Sling. Then, we Sway, and we listen to the Song . Repeat until sleep comes, which could be 45 minutes away.

No other song will do. The little counter on iTunes is up to 54 on my Mac, 64 on E’s, and unknown on each iPod or on the main stereo. Still works it’s charming magic on Binx - he hears one verse, and he’s instantly calm. Personally, I’m still not tired of hearing it - it’s a great, perfectly constructed song.

And of course, my boy Jasper would like a old-timey song the neatly ties drinking, morphine, love lost and the Fall of Nashville for his lullaby.

Zantac, the Beautiful Drug

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

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As you can tell from the pictures, Binx started getting what one may call colicky around 4 weeks. Colicky, in this case, was endless inconsolable crying shortly after meals. Bad reflux, acid-y spitup. No sleep.

Your personal view of yourself as compassionate and patient is surely tested at 3am faced with an angry squalling baby who you cannot help. And as first-time parents in these hyper-competitive US, you start to wonder that if he spends all his time in pain, is he learning and developing on schedule?

Our pediatrician, who we like, is pretty anti-quackery and anti-unneccessary drugs, especially for newborns. However, the others in his practice had good results with tough cases, so he prescribed Zantac. Yes, the Zantac that you can get OTC (a stomach acid inhibitor), but in a pediatric syrup. A gooey, faux-peppermint syrup (i tried it first, of course)

I tell you, it worked. After a couple days, we had an occasional cheerful, back to alertness, merely fussy baby. If we missed a dose because we are Bad Parents, he gets acidy and crying again. We recently upped the dose - still at the very bottom of the therapeutic range - as he gained weight.

I’m not big on prescriptions, but everyone seems much much happier, so viva las drogas.

Binxy-la’s sweet, sweet ride

Friday, July 1st, 2005

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So, what’s my baby’s whip? We got two, foo’.

The first is for serious expeditions. The Phil and Ted’s E3, straight outta New Zealand. Perfect if you like camping, because it’s all straps, buckles and velcro, and reconfigures on-the-fly. The air-filled tires are a must for the uneven bluestone slab sidewalks of Park Slope. And the single, up-front pivoting wheel is perfect for close shopping as well as nimbly avoiding the insanely overpriced Bugaboos which litter the streets around here. E3 owners exchange knowing winks, like fans of some obscure but vastly talented indie rock band.

The second is for trips to the bodega or farmer’s market, or when traveling. The Kolcraft Universal Car Seat Carrier. The secret weapon of many PS nannys, the Kolcraft is cheap, light, and has a huge basket that can fit two bags of grocery with room to spare. And has a cup-holder tray for the pilot. It ain’t pretty, but if you have a carseat, for $50 more you get a stroller and enough extra money to fill it with beer, wine and cheese.