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The Way Binx Works

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

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Items we have found invaluable for Jasper’s 0-3 mos:

The Fleece Pouch
We used it constantly to get Binx sleepy in the newborn carry until he became too big and uncomfortable in it (at about 12 lbs.). We’re confident we’ll use it again in another position as soon as he gets proficient head control.

Wayside/Back in Time by Gillian Welch
Binx’s lullaby.

The Moby Wrap

After a quick demo by friends Kim and Levi, I ran out and bought one since Binx was out of the fleece pouch and annoyed by riding backwards in his regular carrier. This wrap rules! Binx usually falls asleep in it while I’m doing chores or hitting the park.

The Kolcraft Universal Carrier
As much as we love our Phil and Ted’s, newborn parents only need the Kolcraft up front. Just plunk down the car seat and go.

Koeka Burp Cloths
These are the nicest “go to meeting” terry burp cloths we have in our diaper bag. Their other products look great too — a local salesperson puts her toddler in a Koeka poncho for meals out.

Bumpkins Chin Bibs
Great for the early droolies. Parents seem to rave about their other bibs, too.

Binxy-la’s sweet, sweet ride

Friday, July 1st, 2005

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So, what’s my baby’s whip? We got two, foo’.

The first is for serious expeditions. The Phil and Ted’s E3, straight outta New Zealand. Perfect if you like camping, because it’s all straps, buckles and velcro, and reconfigures on-the-fly. The air-filled tires are a must for the uneven bluestone slab sidewalks of Park Slope. And the single, up-front pivoting wheel is perfect for close shopping as well as nimbly avoiding the insanely overpriced Bugaboos which litter the streets around here. E3 owners exchange knowing winks, like fans of some obscure but vastly talented indie rock band.

The second is for trips to the bodega or farmer’s market, or when traveling. The Kolcraft Universal Car Seat Carrier. The secret weapon of many PS nannys, the Kolcraft is cheap, light, and has a huge basket that can fit two bags of grocery with room to spare. And has a cup-holder tray for the pilot. It ain’t pretty, but if you have a carseat, for $50 more you get a stroller and enough extra money to fill it with beer, wine and cheese.